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Smart Hiring, Skilled Talent

AI Technology gets you Curated matches

Our AI based recruiting app analyzes your requirements in great detail and connects you with a highly personalized list of freelance contractors and employees within seconds. Our algorithm gets better with time and saves 60%+ time and cost that is otherwise spent combing through resumes — or making bad hires on your payroll.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Affordability

Try before you buy. See how your preferred candidates perform on the job, as part-time or full-time freelance contractors. Extend trial indefinitely or convert the ones you love to your payroll with the click of a button! Eliminate traditional hiring risk that comes with making bad hires on your payroll from Day 1.

No Cost to use our Recruiting App

No subscription fees, retainers or hefty commissions charged for placements. Only pay a nominal fee if you decide to hire talent on your payroll from day 1 or convert freelance contractors to your payroll after trying them out. Save cost by using our platform to post unlimited jobs, receive personalized matches and make unlimited hires for free.

Easily hire Freelancer (s) & Employees

Use our AI based recruiting app to source, manage and pay freelance contractors & employees. Manage documentation, background checks and payroll easily. Join hundreds of satisfied companies that are using the SkillSoniq Recruiting App to reduce hiring risk and cost.

Hire Employees or Convert Freelance Contractors to Employees

SkillSoniq uses AI to analyze millions of data-points across jobs posted by you and your competitors for you to hire freelancer (s) and convert them to your payroll. Rather than spending a few months searching among seemingly endless applicants, your team will get super-powers to hire great talent within days!

On our recruiting app, you can post unlimited jobs, receive unlimited matches and hire unlimited people for free! Hire employees on your payroll from Day 1 or try out freelance contractors on a part-time or full-time basis and only convert them to your payroll once you are convinced that they are a great fit for the role. Eliminate hiring risk and cost associated with making bad hires on your payroll from Day 1.

How We Work

Post job image 1x Post JobReceive curated matches
Try workers image 1x Try WorkersEasily manage talent
Hire permanent image 1x Or extend projectHire Permanent
Client Testimonials

“Great experience finding freelance contractors and Employees on SkillSoniq! Search functionality on the app was excellent and the breadth and quality of candidates was highly impressive. I was able to find better candidates and hire them much more quickly on the app, than working through traditional job portals!”

Luke A
Insight Health Analytics

“SkillSoniq’s recruiting app kept getting better at understanding my hiring preferences and helped me hire the perfect freelancer in New York! After trying her out, we loved her so much that we converted her to our payroll with the click of a button – Much better experience than on LinkedIn!”

Sevasti B
GoalVest Advisory

"Amazing experience with SkillSoniq where we could hire freelancer (s) on trial and convert them into employees across creative, marketing, and operations functions. Their business model helped us hire employees on our payroll with confidence!"

Jonathan F
Chief Content Officer

Why Us?
Top 10% matches across 50+ skills and 12+ industries

We approve top 10% freelance contractors and employees with experience across sales, marketing, coding, design, accounting, data analysis, AI, and many more areas.

Receive Personalized Matches

Stop wasting time reviewing irrelevant resumes. Our AI algorithms give you highly personalized matches, so you can hire quickly.

Intelligent Algorithms give you the best matches

We analyze millions of data points for you to hire freelancer and convert into an employee at the most optimal time. App gets smarter with increased use.

Our talent pool is actively recruiting

Interact with a talent pool that is actively recruiting without wasting time on candidates who are not interested in working for you.

No Middlemen!

Get matched directly with talent - No middlemen or staffing agencies.

Build a mix of remote and in-person talent

Specify location preferences and get matched up with freelance contractors and employees.

Try Before you Buy

Hire freelancer and employees part-time or full-time, and convert the best freelancers into employees.

Track worker progress in real-time

Track performance, give feedback ratings, and access timesheets with a simple, easy to use dashboard.

Flexible Pay

Receive consolidated invoices weekly, and easily pay online for hours submitted each week.

Secure, Paperless Onboarding

We manage regulatory documentation, so you don't have to worry about paperwork and legal deadlines!

Comprehensive Background Screening

Candidates go through comprehensive Criminal, Social Security and Sex Offender checks before starting any project.

Highest Standards for Intellectual Property

Candidates are bound by Strict IP and Confidentiality Terms of Service on SkillSoniq, so your proprietary data remains secure.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why should I use SkillSoniq?

    SkillSoniq is a free AI-Powered Recruiting App where you can Hire Employees on your payroll from Day 1 or hire Freelancer (s) and convert them to your payroll at the best time. We are the simplest, most efficient way to hire employees and freelance contractors in your city or country. We are the perfect fit if you:

    1. Are sick of screening an endless list of resumes on job portals.
    2. Want a quick and affordable way to hire skilled freelance contractors and employees.
    3. Want to reduce hiring risk by trying out employees before moving them to your payroll.
    4. Are looking to save on exorbitant agency fees.

    Through our intelligent artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, you directly get connected with the best, most affordable talent required for you to kick-start or grow your business.

  2. How does the "Freelancer-turned-Employee" model work on SkillSoniq?

    Unlike other freelance websites, 60% of clients on SkillSoniq hire employees on their payroll on day 1 or hire freelancer (s) who get converted to an employee later. All the talent on SkillSoniq are looking for a full-time job, so eventually all of them want to work on your payroll. However, you get the option to try them out before moving them to your payroll, thereby minimizing your hiring risk and cost.

  3. What sort of employees and freelance contractors are in your marketplace?

    You can hire freelancer and employees across 3 broad buckets:

    1. Tech roles: These comprise of Developers, UI/UX Designers, Technical and Non-technical Product Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and many more who will help you build your products and services.
    2. Marketing roles: These comprise of social media marketers, content writers, proofreaders, sales professionals, customer service reps, growth hackers, email marketers, and many more who will help you expand your business.
    3. Other roles: These comprise of Big Data Analysts, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Experts, Blockchain Specialists, Operations Specialists, Financial Analysts, Accounting book-keepers, Admin/Exec Assistants, Call Center Agents and many more.
  4. How does the process to hire freelancer and employee work on SkillSoniq?

    Once you are signed up, you can start posting jobs for free. Thereafter, our sophisticated algorithms search for the best matches for you and present them to you within a few seconds. You can then instantly screen and hire freelancer and employee matches.

All Job Offers have to be made on SkillSoniq
as per our Terms of Service.


Current Plan
On DemandFree
For One-Off Hiring
Plan Includes:
  • No subscription fees
  • 1 active job posting at a time
  • Receive curated candidate matches
  • Up to 15 interview invites per job per month
  • Buyout fees at $4,999 per hire
Current Plan
$99 / Month
For Light Hiring 20% savings over On-Demand.
Plan Includes:
  • 3 active job postings at a time
  • Receive curated candidate matches
  • 50% waiver on buyout fee
  • Up to 50 interview invites per job per month
  • Unlimited messaging features
  • Dedicated Human Recruiter
  • Export candidate contact details
  • Cancel plan anytime
Current Plan
$299 / Month
For Heavy Hiring 50% savings over On-Demand.
Plan Includes:
  • Unlimited active job postings at a time
  • Receive curated candidate matches
  • Full waiver on buyout fee
  • Unlimited interview invites per job per month
  • Unlimited messaging features
  • Dedicated Human Recruiter
  • Export candidate contact details
  • Cancel plan anytime

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