Matching Skilled Hourly
Workers with Companies

Our workers are NOT remote. They work at the client site alongside their colleagues, so you can build a team you trust.

How We Work
Why Us?
Top 10% curated workers in Tech, Operations, and Data Analysis

Our workers are thoroughly vetted for skills and only the top 10% are approved on our platform.

Intelligent Algorithms give you the best workers

We capture 15+ attributes from you and our algorithms get smarter with every worker you screen.

Our worker pool is actively recruiting

Our algorithms match you only with workers who are interested and can join you in your office on Day 1.

No Middlemen!

You are matched with and deal directly with real workers - No staffing agencies.

Hire Hourly Workers across offices

We provide you skilled hourly workers "onsite" so you can build a team you trust.

Test hourly workers before offering full-time

You can test drive hourly workers in your office before giving them a full-time offer. Saves you time and money.

Track worker progress in real-time

Track worker performance, give feedback ratings, and access timesheets with a simple, easy to use employer dashboard.

Pay us only when you are happy!

We are free for you to post unlimited projects and screen unlimited workers. You pay us in installments after you hire a worker.

Key Clients
Client Testimonials
Brian D., Lead Techie

"Their algorithm really works. It understands our requirements to give us accurate matches."

Nidhi photo1
Nidhi V., Customer Success Manager

"SkillSoniq has saved us a lot of money, as we were able to work with their hourly workers at a nominal rate before giving out full-time offers."

Val photo
Valerie P., HR Account Manager

"SkillSoniq believes in speed and quality! We built a team of 5 high quality tech workers in New York in just 3 weeks!"

Madhuri photo1
Madhuri V., Project Manager

"SkillSoniq is the only site that gives past performance on hourly workers, so we know whom we are hiring!"

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