Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the SkillSoniq Website for Freelancers work?

    SkillSoniq is a marketplace app that helps you source lucrative part-time and full-time freelance projects, whether in person or remote. We have a website for freelancers and in this way, you get to work with local clients on one or multiple projects and make money.

    What’s more? You get the option to get converted to your client's payroll after a trial period. SkillSoniq has jobs for freelancers and is a great way for you to test clients, before you join their payroll as an employee.

  2. Do you have jobs for freelancers?

    Our website for freelancers is built to provide high paying projects and full-time jobs. You can easily submit your profile within 10 mins, and sit back and relax, while our technology sends you cool interview and project offers.

  3. Is SkillSoniq for me if I am looking for a full-time job?

    Absolutely! All projects on Skillsoniq are "Contract to hire". This feature to convert to a company's payroll seamlessly is unique and you may not find this on another website for freelancers.

  4. Is SkillSoniq for me if I am currently in a full-time job?

    Yes! We have jobs for freelancers who already have a full-time job and use SkillSoniq to make extra money in the evenings and on weekends. SkillSoniq is a great way for you to work with different clients in your city, and perhaps switch to one of those clients full-time if there is mutual interest!

  5. How do you screen freelancers?

    SkillSoniq prides itself in maintaining a high quality database of freelancers. In deciding whether to approve or decline a freelancer application, all freelancers go through an intense screening process, after which the top 10% of applications are approved. You will receive an email on our website for freelancers once your profile is approved or declined.

    1. In-depth Analyses: We analyze 15+ attributes such as location, desired pay, depth of experiences, breadth of skills, especially how the skills have been utilized in the past.
    2. Dynamic Demand-Supply Matching: Our threshold for approving candidates increases if demand for their skills is low, and decreases if demand for their skills is high. This way, we maintain jobs for freelancers who are ready to work on projects when needed

    3. Phone Screening: We also conduct a 15-30 min phone screening, if needed.
    4. Hard Checks: There are certain indicators in a candidate profile that lead to an “automatic decline”. For instance, if candidates are located outside the United States, or if they do not have a valid visa to work as a 1099 independent contractor in the United States, they are automatically declined.
  6. Does SkillSoniq offer full-time roles on a client’s w2/payroll?

    Yes we do! We have seen that companies are more open to and take significantly less time to hire freelancers on SkillSoniq, as opposed to extending a full-time role through traditional recruitment channels. This increases your chances of sourcing meaningful projects with companies on SkillSoniq, and eventually converting those to full-time gigs. If it were not for SkillSoniq, there would not have been jobs for freelancers, and you may never be able to work with these companies as a full-time employee.

  7. Why should I consider using SkillSoniq?

    SkillSoniq is a great way for you to test several projects and companies in your city, before diving into a full-time role with a company, to make extra money on the side, or simply to freelance full-time with multiple clients. We have a website for freelancers and are changing the way freelancers source and work on local projects.

  8. How much can I expect to be paid through SkillSoniq?

    Freelancers usually clock in gross pay rates ranging from $20/Hr to $250/Hr on SkillSoniq. Freelancers are free to choose their “desired pay rate” while completing their application on the SkillSoniq wesbite for freelancers. If approved, SkillSoniq only offers them projects at or above their desired pay rate.

  9. How much does SkillSoniq charge me?

    SkillSoniq charges up to a 20% placement fee for every dollar paid to the freelancer by the client. For example, if the client has agreed to pay the freelancer $100/Hr, SkillSoniq will charge the freelancer up to $20/Hr. The end client pays SkillSoniq based on hours worked by the freelancer. SkillSoniq keeps up to a 20% placement fee and passes on the rest to the freelancer every week.

  10. What kind of jobs for freelancers are available on SkillSoniq?

    We offer jobs for freelancers in 3 broad buckets across 50+ skills and 12+ industries:

    1. Tech roles: These comprise of Developers, UI/UX Designers, Technical and Non-technical Product Managers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.
    2. Marketing roles: These comprise of social media marketers, content writers, proofreaders, sales professionals, customer service reps and growth hackers.
    3. Other roles: These comprise of Big Data Analysts, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Experts, Blockchain Specialists, Operations Specialists, Financial Analysts, Accounting Book-keepers, Admin/Exec Assistants, Call Center Agents and many more.

    In this way, we ensure that we offer all types of jobs for freelancers on our platform.

  11. When do I get paid?

    Freelancers are usually paid every week on SkillSoniq. Candidates’ pay period is from Monday at 12:01am until Sunday at midnight and candidates generally get paid between 5 and 7 business days after their pay period ends.

    A few clients may pay every 2 weeks, or every month. For these clients, SkillSoniq may pay freelancers on a bi-weekly or a monthly basis to align you with the pay frequency followed by the client.

  12. How does the client track my hours?

    On our website for freelancers, when you start a project on our website for freelancers, you can go to your timesheet and “update” the hours you have worked every day so that your client can view your hours. At the end of each pay period, we ask all our freelancers to “submit” their timesheet for the week. The hours you have worked during the week should generally be discussed with the client before you submit your timesheet.

  13. I am looking to transition into a technical role from a non-technical specialty, can you help me?

    We have jobs for freelancers and place those who are looking to transition to a tech role. Our clients look for 15+ attributes in a candidate including project experience, past feedback, industry / domain skills, education and skills. Our algorithms are smart enough to recognize whether you would be a good fit for a role, based on a holistic analyses of your profile and based on successful placement of freelancers in the past.

  14. Can I work directly with my client outside of SkillSoniq?

    After you accept interview offers on SkillSoniq, we connect you with the client. Thereafter, you can communicate with them over email. However, all project offers have to be accepted on SkillSoniq's website for freelancers, so that you can complete timesheets and get paid by SkillSoniq every week.

  15. How does your matching algorithm work?

    Our matching algorithm is backed by powerful Machine Learning and AI technologies, and dynamically ranks candidates against one another to find the best projects for you. Our algorithms get smarter with every decision made by clients so you can get the best project matches on SkillSoniq - in this way, we offer top quality jobs to you.

  16. Can I switch to a company’s payroll?

    Yes, companies often ask our freelancers to move to their payroll in a part-time or full-time capacity. This is usually after you have performed well on a project. Companies pay a fee to SkillSoniq to move you to their payroll. Register on our website for freelancers and get matched with your clients now!.

  17. Will I get insurance benefits through SkillSoniq?

    In our pursuit to level the playing field between jobs for freelancers and full-time employees, we have partnered with Trupo, to provide portable insurance benefits to our freelancers. This means till the time you work as a freelancer, you can opt for our insurance coverage, and if you get hired by a client on their payroll, you can avail their specific insurance benefits.

  18. Does SkillSoniq sponsor work visas?

    We do not sponsor work visas for freelancers and only accept those freelancers who have a valid work permit to work as a 1099 independent contractor. If clients convert you to their payroll, they may sponsor you.

  19. Is SkillSoniq for me if I am situated outside North America?

    At this moment, we do not have jobs for freelancers who are situated outside North America. Hence, your profile will be declined if you are situated outside the North America.

  20. How do taxes work with SkillSoniq?

    When you get a project on SkillSoniq's website for freelancers, during the onboarding process, you will be asked to complete a tax form and submit to SkillSoniq. SkillSoniq does not withhold taxes (Federal, State, Medicare or Social Security) since you work as an independent contractor. At the end of the tax year, you will receive forms from SkillSoniq which you can use to file taxes.

  21. Can I work with a client outside of Skillsoniq after a few months of completing a project with them on Skillsoniq?

    Freelancers are not allowed to work with past, current, or potential clients on Skillsoniq directly, unless it has been at least 12 months since they completed a project with a client on Skillsoniq. If you absolutely need to work with a client directly before the 12 month lockout period has expired, we request that you write to us at [email protected] and take written permission to do so. Skillsoniq charges clients a "buyout fee" to work directly with freelancers they source on Skillsoniq. Once they pay this fee, you are free to work with your client outside of Skillsoniq.

    Please note that Skillsoniq imposes heavy penalities if we find freelancers working directly with a client outside of Skillsoniq after being introduced to a client, during a project, or within 12 months after a project has been completed on Skillsoniq. These penalties include a $5,000 penalty charge to the client, and restrictions imposed on both the freelancer and the client from using Skillsoniq in the future.

  22. If I connected with a hiring manager on SkillSoniq, and they hire me a few months after connecting with them, can I be hired outside SkillSoniq?

    For all hiring managers and companies that connected with you on SkillSoniq, they are liable to hire you on SkillSoniq, unless it has been at least 12 months since you connected with them.